On the night of the 23rd Mette started running a fever, and as always we had to call the hospital to try and figure out what needed to be done. Naturally they wanted to see her, but Mette was afraid they would keep her over christmas, so she almost made them promise that they would let her go home on the 24th, no matter what.

Mette was x-rayed, and a large amount of fluids was seen in the left lung again, perhaps even more than was seen on previous x-rays. Mette refused a drain right away, because it would prevent her from going home on christmas eve, so she got a lot of antibiotics iv during the night and on the morning on the 24th, and could go home again.

We celebrated christmas eve (-danish tradition) at Mette’s parents’ house, together with Mette’s sister and her husband and daughters. It was a really good experience, and I know Mette wouldn’t have wanted to be without it, although she wasn’t well at all, and although she wasn’t able to dance round the christmas tree. It was sad to see her sitting on the couch, totally out of breath, while the rest of us tried to have a good time, but when the kids got their presents she was in a really good mood.

During the night she had severe problems breathing. Every time she tried to lie on her back she felt she was choking and started to panic. So this morning we called the hospital again and said that Mette wanted to come in and let them drain her lung. A lot of blood was drained out, and she was given a new load of antibiotics. Tomorrow she will probably come home again, but it worries us a great deal that her lung has filled with blood only four days after the latest drain. If the bleeding doesn’t stop by itself I really don’t know what can be done.