The morning after Mette came to Skejby Hospital she suddenly started running a fever that reached 40,2 degrees Celcius, at which point it was decided to drain some of the fluids in her lung to relieve some of the pressure. After a couple of hours her general state was more acceptable, and today no more fluids came out through the drain tube. An ultrasound scan showed that there were remaining fluids, but that they were hard to drain out.

We were informed that excessive fluids will probably keep emerging in the lung because of tumor growth, so the doctors may want to insert a permanent drain tube tomorrow. If this works out fine, and Mette doesn’t run a fever again, she can finally come home!

Having a drain inserted is a pretty painful affair, so by now Mette is back on Oxycontin and Oxynorm painkillers, which she will probably keep taking for the rest of her life.

I guess this long process has come full circle, as Mette is now almost as sick as when she was first hospitalised in January and is back on the same painkillers, in the same amount, as when this whole thing started.