On friday, January 5th Mette suddenly felt terrible pains in her lower back and was driven by ambulance to the hospital. During the weekend they tried out a lot of theories to try and explain the pains. On monday they decided there was probably blood in the same lung again, and rushed her off to Skejby Hospital to get yet another drain.

Monday night, January the 8th, the drain was inserted, but the doctors discovered that Mette was bleeding internally all over, and as her lung capacity was now dangerously low, Mette’s mother – who was present at the time – was told to call in the nearest family in a hurry, as Mette’s body was about to give up.

I arrived at the hospital a little after midnight. Mette was heavily drugged and was gasping for air. She had seemed unconscious for a while, but woke up shortly when I arrived. I talked to her and held her hand, told her I loved her, and that the kids loved her too. She very clearly answered “Yes” a couple of times, but other than that she didn’t speak. Her breathing gradually became worse during the next half an hour or so, untill it finally stopped, and Mette left this world for good.

Dearest Mette, I loved you more than anything.

Though you didn’t really believe in the afterlife, I hope we will meet again somewhere, and I sincerely hope you are still able to look down upon the kids, see how well they are doing, see how they grow up, see how they will always keep a part of you alive within them.

Love, Jacob, your husband and friend.